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Memphis is Smoking


Residents of Memphis, you may have already received a note on your door.  The city has been conducting the ‘smoke’ tests required by the EPA to locate leaky sewer pipes and to access the entire structure of the sanitary sewer system.  The idea is to locate and repair faulty pipes. This is necessary every10 years to ensure the underground infrastructure is working at its best capacity.  According to the plan, the smoke is not hazardous to your health and residents should not be worried as it poses no harm. It consists of LiquiSmoke.  However, the City says if you see smoke coming up from the ground, you’ve got a leaky pipe that needs repair.

The one commonality workers are finding in the pipes, during these tests is in a word…grease.  A friendly reminder not to pour grease of any kind down the sink.  It’s best to dispose of it in a can, after it’s cooled just put it in the trash.  There can be significant improvements to the life of the underground sewer pipelines if proper disposal measures are taken Citywide.

Memphis is full of historic sites and landmarks. Among these well-known areas sits Germantown.  This neighborhood is filled with beautiful, Victorian style buildings. It is Nashville’s first subdivision and was placed on the National register of historic places in 1979.  Thanks to the dedication of our residents this town was preserved and is now a vibrant and flourishing neighborhood.  Here at Perma-liner Industries we are invested in keeping historic residential areas operating to the best of our abilities with our trenchless pipelining system.  We offer state of the art Cured in Place rehabilitation all while protecting the landscaping of your home.  Call us or go online to www.perma-liner.com




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