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Tennessee’s River City has a lot to Offer, Sans Sewer Overflows


The city of Chattanooga is full of historical sites, museums, and exhibits, as well as parks that have a persuasion all their own. The mountainous terrain full of trees and the undulating rivers and trails are a delight to many. But there’s something else. Chattanooga is currently on a venture to improve the city’s sewer system. In the recent months, a rehabilitation project began to take form, leaving residents assured of the overflow prevention they have been expecting. The effort will consist of the installation of a seven and a half million gallon storage tank. The city is also aiming to preserve the historic land while improving upon green space and initiatives for the environment. Along with a renewed commitment to stop overflows of raw sewage into the Tennessee River, the blueprint for the multimillion-dollar storage facility includes a new pumping station, millions of gallons of storage and site upgrades- for maximum storage, along with additional enhancements. Decidedly, the most affected area for troublesome overflows has stemmed from the sewer lines surrounding and running through the Hamm Road properties.

Future plans: A Riverwalk expansion to Moccasin Bend National Park with additional signage and street improvements. Existing trails in the area will be also be revitalized.

Interesting fact: The city of Memphis has the lowest average monthly sewer bill at approximately $12.72.

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