Turtle Park Sewer Detail

Residents of Oak Ridge, the task of rehabilitating your sewer is in full swing this month. The City has been working to make the needed repairs to many areas of Turtle Park. This has been an ongoing project, which includes a long list of homes that are included in these enhancements to the sewer system. The scope of this renovation will be vast and encompasses pipelines within yards, roadways and City easements. Homeowners can expect the completion of construction to be next month. Some of the repairs being made involve 34 point repairs of existing gravity sewers, installation of 20 new manhole frames and covers and rehabilitation of 1,200 vertical feet of existing sanitary sewer manholes, to name a few. It is recommended to use precautions when travelling in and around Turtle Park. This work was first initiated by the EPA as a remediation plan, based on the coordination of analysis on sanitary sewer overflows. The deadline to meet the mandates set forth by the EPA is at the end of September.
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