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When it Rains, Memphis Crews Move Fast

When it Rains, Memphis Crews Move Fast

A record amount of rain recently in Memphis has eroded the soil supporting a 96-inch sanitary sewer main, causing the line to fail. With nearly 40 million gallons of raw sewage escaping into Cypress Creek, an emergency bypass was needed to repair work on the 96-inch sewer main.

City officials quickly organized teams to implement a solution that maintained sewer services, minimized the environmental impact and ensured regulatory compliance. The crew managed to complete the necessary tasks in record time. Bypass solutions of this scale typically take upwards of two to three weeks to implement. This one was completed in just six days.

The bypass needed to handle 160 million gallons of flow and navigate approximately 2,400 linear feet from suction point to discharge location, but before pumping could begin, several projects needed to be completed.

To handle the 160 million gallons of peak flow, the crew mobilized 14 pumps. Each pump would push approximately 11.5 million gallons of flow through 24-inch suction tubes and 18-inch discharge tubes into an 8-foot-square concrete manhole structure.

In addition to the primary bypass, a 36-inch bypass line to handle 11 million gallons of flow and protect the structure was installed.

Once the pumps were online, the crew switched to 24/7 bypass operating mode. The bypass system worked as planned. The team involved delivered a safe, compliant, cost-effective and comprehensive turnkey bypass solution without disrupting service to Memphis residents.

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